The Japanese word sashiko means little stabs – which may sound violent – but this craft is totally about chilling out and stitching along the lines. The little stabs actually refers to the small stitches used in this form of needlework.

It’s super clever too! When you’ve chosen your pattern you’ll see how the stitches form a genius little pattern on your fabric. This is really the ideal craft for anyone who loves following a pattern and prides themselves on keeping stitches neat and tidy, it’s also very simple for all those stitch starters out there (aka beginners, that’s what we call them on the mean streets of Hackney Downs Studios, with a flat white in one hand and an embroidery needle in the other).

A very relaxed and beautiful craft that will have you feeling like you’re sipping a green tea next to mount fuji and being delicately showered in cherry blossom. Kawaii. In this class you will learn how to set up your patterned cloth and start stitching -feel free to bring some wine with you, this one is going to be seriously chill.

Choose from a selection of 8 different designs, all pre printed onto Japanese cloth 80% cotton 20% linen. Approx 30cm x 30cm. A sashiko needle and 20mt of sashiko 100% cotton thread.


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2 hours - £25

This is a one off class! Get in quick so your heart chakras can glow bright.

24th January – 2 hours £25




Tapestry Weaving

2 Hours - £55

Learn how to set up and weave on a frame loom. You'll learn the essential tapestry stitches so you can explore and experiment with texture, colour shape and form.

Once a month
Loom is yours to keep

Freestyle Weaving

2 Hours – £45
5 Hours – £100
Children (2 hours) - £35

Learn to weave on a simple two pedal floor loom. This style of weaving really allows you to zone out and create unique fabric with our huge selection of beautiful yarns.

ages 6+

Weave a scarf from warp to weft

8 hours - £200

So we got you hooked on weaving and now you want to make something even more unique? Thought so. Let's scarf this!

8 hours to Make a scarf
Pick a day that suits you

Tapestry Club

2 Hours - £15

You got the basics down, now you just want to weave in an inspirational environment?

We heard ya! We feel ya! Here ya go!

Once a month
We're here to answer tapestry questions
Bring a work in progress

Pom Pom Party

2 Hours - £20

Who wants to spend an evening making pom poms? Mate, everyone does.

29th November - £20
Free Booze Cup

Pom Pom Family Day

2 Hours - £10

Who wants to spend a morning making pom poms? Mate, everyone does.

Fun for the Family
10th December - £10
17th December - £10

Perspex and Pompom Jewellery

2 hours - £20

Don’t have pierced ears? We’ll sort you out…with a piercing gun. Only kidding you can use clips ons instead, or make a keyring!

14th December - £20
Super cool furry jewellery

Cosmos Cross Stitch & Full Moon Party

2 hours - £50

Soothe your soul with some cosmos cross stitch

31st January - £50

Embroider your Member

2 hours - £25

The perfect crass craft to make your Valentines Day extra...genital.

Valentines Day - £25
Free Booze Cup

Wolves, Horses, Swans and A Log – It’s Latch Hooking Time!

2 Hours - £90

Make your own rug and forever your toes will be cosy and warm.

4th April - £90
Free Booze Cup

Elizabeth Pawle Returns

2 hours - £75

Elizabeth Pawle is one of the most talented textile artists this side of Instagram and we've only gone and got her back in the studio!

Special one off class
Taught by Elizabeth Pawle


We like ours with a side of hummus.

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