We love tassels. Love ’em. I’d marry them if I could – but I watched a documentary once about a woman who married the Eiffel Tower and to be honest, married life with an inanimate object seemed a bit thankless for a woman as needy as I am.

So let’s wear them instead? Yeah, let’s. We’ll take you through the basic tassel making stages and then hit you up with all the tiered tassel, doorknob wraps and wrap knots you could ever dream of. Let’s take these tassels to the next level!

This workshop is perfect for beginners to more experienced crafters looking to play around with some of our beautiful yarns in a beautiful setting and going home with some new skills to make the most luscious, decorative fibre sculpture you’ve, like, ever seen.

We’ll help you put your tassels together as a necklace or keyring and you can make as many styles as you like throughout the course of the evening. Get experimental with our yarns after you’ve mastered all the techniques and go tassel mad.

We’re really excited to be back at the Royal Society of Sculptors in South Kensington, it’s such a beautiful setting and space for making and we can’t wait to share it with you. Oh and did we mention there’s going to be a bar! That’s right, a bar. A bar and fibre sculpture? I mean, hello best night ever.


Book Now

2.5 hours - £32.50

Join us at the stunning house of the Royal Society of Sculptors in South Kensington for a fun as anything fibre sculpture session.

Oh and there’ll be a bar!

17th January – 7-9:30pm



Freestyle Weaving

2 Hours – £50
5 Hours – £105
Children (2 hours) - £40

Learn to weave on a simple two pedal floor loom. This style of weaving really allows you to zone out and create unique fabric with our huge selection of beautiful yarns.

Mindful and fun
ages 6+

Tapestry Weaving

2 Hours - £65

Learn how to set up and weave on a frame loom. Learn essential tapestry stitches so you can experiment with texture, colour shape and form.

Two sweet workshops every month
Equipment is yours to take home

Tapestry Club

2.5 Hours - £15

You got the kit, now you just want to weave with us!

3rd Wednesday each month
Or flick us an email and drop in!

Children’s Weaving

2 hours - £40

Children love using our floor looms and we don't blame them, it's as good for them as it is fun. Why don't you join them?

Mindful and fun
Children from 6 years

Warp to weft

8 hours - £200

So we got you hooked on weaving and now you want to make something even more unique? Thought so. Let's do this!

8 hours to Make a scarf
Pick a day that suits you

Embroider your Member

2 hours - £25

The perfect crass craft to make your day extra...genital.

Bring your loved one

Spin This! Learn to spin your own yarn

2.5 hours - £55

Want to learn to spin your own yarn? Well come on then!

Learn to spin and ply your own yarn!
Mindful and colourful

Weave Your Genes

3 hours - £65

What can your genes tell you about yourself? Learn about what makes you tick and weave your gene traits into a gorgeous woven wall hanging.

Science AND craft
Family fun
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