We do a workshop called The Giant Loom. Sounds ominous – terrifying even! Well it is, but only because it’s SO FUN. We have a nifty way of setting up a tapestry loom so that it’s bigger – like at least 20 times bigger (maybe, or maths says maybe not) than our regular tapestry looms. We use ribbon for warp and net and wool and any other fun colourful cloth or chunky yarn we can get our hands on for weft and it looks so good! It looks so good and it’s so easy that we even do it with children (no offence to children but like, they’re not very good at crafts).

Last weekend we joined in at the Southbank’s children’s literature festival where the focus was on Homer’s The Odyssey. I love Greek myths and mythology – who doesn’t? It’s got monsters, which are terrifying and like, not actually for children because they’re graphic and disturbing (Polyphemus the giant Cyclops being stabbed in his eye after Odysseus gets him wankered on wine anyone?) but because they’re old tales we’re all like ” read ’em to the kids”. Which is great.

Anywhoodle, in the story of The Odyssey, Odysseus’ long suffering (and like seriously patient) wife Penelope waits for Odysseus’ return for 20 long years while he’s away fighting, stabbing Cyclopses and lets be honest, having affairs with anyone immortal lady he can get his hands on. What does she do while he’s away? She weaves of course! Because who loves weaving? Women. What takes a long time? Weaving. Who was a woman and had lots of time? Penelope. So that’s where we came in. We set up a giant loom for all the children at the festival and set up loads of strips of paper to weave into the tapestry with important Penelope themed questions like “what do you do when you’re trying to pass time?” and “how do you think Penelope felt waiting for her husband to get back for 20 years?” one little girl quite rightly responded to that second question with “frustrated”, well Olivia, I reckon you’re right.

It was a lovely couple of days and the work the children made was glorious. We’re always available to set giant looms up for events and parties – they make gorgeous centre pieces and the final piece is always breathtaking.

Just don’t take 20 years to get here!

Love ya! TLL x x x

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