We’re super excited to announce to you, our dear customers, friends and mums…we wrote a book mate! It’s even been published by a real publishing company that have offices in other countries and stuff! Yay.

This book is the resultant baby from our beautiful business lovemaking in 2017. It’s been born, it’s come forth from our creative wombs and now it’s ready. Phew. This is a craft book focused on tapestry weaving – we have all the techniques you need to make the dreamiest wall art as well as mad cool tutorials like a woven backpack, poi (what the?) and a pretty ace (if we do say so ourselves) woven deckchair.

Also – We’re having a book launch on the 22nd February which is the very day the book comes out! We’ll have booze, goodie bags, authors signing the heck out of everything and the book of course! We might even have a cake, so you can even have a slice of that.

You can preorder the book here – the first orders picking up in store at the book launch will get a goodie bag with their book…and we swear, it’s a cool goodie bag. The first people who order the limited edition book and a tapestry kit bundle will get a…drumroll please…limited edition PINK GLITTER tapestry comb. Lordy.

That's the book mate!

That's the book mate!

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