We have some mighty talented people teaching for us – did you know about this? Have you heard about this? It’s pretty special. One of our special workshops is our wool dyeing workshop with Helen from The Wool Kitchen. We had our second workshop on Sunday and it was so glorious. You know when you hear someone talking about something they know lots about and specialise in? Listening to Helen talk about fibres and dyes is like that. It’s SO exciting. Anyone who loves yarn will love what Helen has to say about it.

Sunday started off at 10am with a line of dyers knitting out their excitement in the courtyard in front of our studio. Then we let them in! Which was real nice of us. It’s so fascinating to watch beginners feel their way around colour, starting off quite hesitant, a few dots of pale grey, a little lilac and then…Brooke and I whisper one special word in their ear “neon orange” and all hell breaks loose.

We have a couple of tickets left for our upcoming September dye workshop (we’ve just added 2 more because we’re like, really generous) and we’re chatting to Helen about putting up some more dates – because we bloody love it.

TLL x x x

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