No, not that kind of speed – what the hell is wrong with you? You have NEVER and I mean N E V E R seen anyone sew, tidy, stitch, organise anything as fast as Brooke. It’s mad impressive. I spend most of our workshops trying to soothe customers who are all “we’ve been doing this for 6.5 minutes…how are you finished already?!”, don’t even bother people. Don’t even bother.


Brooke is so funny. Like so funny, at my birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago a very good friend of mine was crying with laughter so hard that she had to hold her hand to her chest. Also there is nothing in the world so funny to me as when we’ve both had a coke and some chocolate and are trying to put together a new workshop or playlist, or like an outing. It’s like Gilmore Girls but not at all because we’re not related and from opposite sides of the world and it’s not about the same stuff and she’s not my Mum.


I love that we look almost but not really the same. From the first ever time we took a workshop together our customers have been all “are you sisters?” and we’ve been all “why not” or “nah, I’m Jewish and she knows how to Haka” (is that how you say it? Is that cultural appropriation?). I love it because it’s a bit ridiculous that all it takes is brown curly hair for people to be blown away by your twinness.


Brooke and I love us some brightly coloured everything. Brooke takes it a bit more next level than me, she’s all “I like it, I’m wearing it”, I also always know that if I see something bright, colourful, clashing, glittery or mad patterned that if I send a picture of it to Brooke she’ll message back “BUY IT”. It’s definitely been one of my favourite things putting our colour palette for our studio and buying equipment with Brooke – there’s a lot of “but is there a pink one? But is there a pink glitter one?” around here and I love it.


Brooke has an amazing sense of justice – what’s right, what’s wrong – what just suits us and should be how it is. I know that if I’ve got an issue with someone or something that Brooke will lay it out in rational, sensible and me-winning terms. She’s a good buddy that one, she’s got the best interests at heart and she tells it like it is – if I’m wrong she’ll be like, “Chez, you diddle, that’s wrong” and I’ll be like, “Oh yeah.”


Now, I love lunch. I love dinner too and breakfast! I love it. Brooke loves food too but she doesn’t need it as constantly as me – I would eat all day long if I could. So I try really hard not to suggest every day that we should have a special lunch, because that’s crazy. So, whenever Brooke suggests it, it feels like the biggest treat ever – especially because she just lets me order and then will tell me how good I am at ordering. I love it most of all though because who else would I rather eat with? She’s funny, she wants to chat yarn and comedy the whole time and also she’s half my size so I often get to finish her meal – can you say 3 cheese toasties?


Now look, there’s strength and then there’s Brooke strength. It’s a bit like Brooke speed but about lifting stuff rather than it moving around the studio at the speed of light. Partially this is about Brooke’s physical strength – and it’s partially incredible because, well, because she’s so little – ever seen a 5ft woman lifting a 120kg sewing table? I have and I couldn’t even help because I’m pathetic. The other part of Brooke’s strength is all spirit – Brooke’s life reads like an inspirational story to me (and Jewish Princesses everywhere) she had her kids young and lived through a mad horrible earthquake, moved half way around the world and still lives her life way cooler than most of my lazy ass millennial mates. She gets more done in a day than most people you know – sometimes, when I’m watching cartoons and just like drooling into my pillow, I’m like – I wonder what Brooke’s doing – and then she’ll text me and she’ll be out, dancing, organising a new workshop, taking care of her family and knitting a pair of leggings all at the same time – and I’m like “cool”.

Business Acumen.

I know this one may not seem romantic to you guys but to me, it’s bloody everything. I met Brooke a few years ago and I just knew, as soon as I started working with her in a craft cave in Kings Cross that she was the one that would change my life. I cannot tell you how important having a good business partner is – what it even means to be a good business partner. Sure, there have been times when we’ve gotten mad at each other or disagreed, but in general we’re on the same page; we have different skills and know what they are, Brooke encourages everything that I do and has made me more certain of my talents. Brooke gets stuff done in a way that I just can’t and she makes things happen. She has no time to waste and it’s amazing, she makes sure that we do things with integrity and respect and that we get paid properly. She’s also just such damn good company and makes me enjoy this business more than I ever would if I had to do it alone.

Soft Centre.

This one is ironic because Brooke hates caramel. The first time you meet Brooke you might find her tough, because she’s sassy and most likely getting down to business, really hard and really fast. But, she has one of the softest centres of anyone I know – I’ve seen her cry heaps of times over gifts, articles, reviews. She loves a bit of a cry. I love this little vulnerable part of Brooke because it’s insanely honest and it really only comes out when someone really deserves it.


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