I studied Art History for my undergraduate degree and I bloody loved it. It was just like Mona Lisa Smile apart from my tutors were mostly men, and no one ever took me to see a genuine Pollock. Also no one got married and left education while we were there – we all just mostly drank creme egg shots and snake bites and talked about the state of the contemporary art world dahhling.

I think it’s fair to say that even if you’re not big into art, the Tate is a reputable institution that is just ace to have on your repertoire. So when we were asked to put together an evening for the last Tate Late of the year – I was all YAS. It happened last week on the 30th November and I had such a lovely evening. There were clever people doing talks like Ismini Samanidou and Beatwoven‘s Nadia – I of course did a textiles quiz at the end of the night where there were all sorts of crazy yarn related questions like “name a fairytale that involves a spinning wheel” (this involved me saying Rumplestiltskin infront of a live audience which still gives me the chills.

It was a gorgeous evening of badge making, chatting, learning about yarns and WEAVING of course. If you haven’t been to see the Anni Albers exhibition at Tate it’s a bit of a must and if you have all the love of weaving like we do then check out our weaving workshops – we still have plenty of availability in December and of course in the new year.

All the love! X

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