We got shortlisted for another glorious Artskickers award and the awards ceremony took place last Thursday night. Now, one thing Brooke and I love, dressing up of course! It’s a relatively casual awards ceremony but we’re all – and? Oh you’re wearing jeans? We’re wearing BALLGOWNS. That’s how we roll and we reckon it’s pretty cool. Brooke even made a new dress, it was neon green with black sparkly lace – I can hear you Trinny and Susannah and you’re dead wrong.

This year the awards were held at Dalston Curve Garden (the best place ever) and it was pretty spesh. The stage alone was so beautiful (and it’s staying up in the garden so you can go play on it!) and our favourite pal Nikki from Art Macabre helped paint it so we felt like she was standing over the house band cheering us on!

The Artskickers are organised by a couple of seriously impressive ladies, they just want to give to the community and celebrate the people making arts more visible, more accessible and more appreciated.

Little Inventors won our category and they really deserve it, they’re so clever.

The awards had burgers, hot dogs, pizza and gin – and we had it ALL. It was great.

Thanks for the love Artskickers!

TLL xxx

A full length shot for all those who want it (that's everyone right?).

A full length shot for all those who want it (that's everyone right?).

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