Francesca loves food. She likes cooking food and eating food and talking about the food we had for dinner last night and what food we will eat for lunch. I love listening to her talk about food, I love watching her make me food, I love her going to restaurants and telling me about the food she eats. Francesca even wrote me a cook book for my birthday with all of her favourite recipes! I love this book and I love Francesca.

I love that Francesca and I both have curly hair, sometimes we get mistaken for each other, as sisters and sometimes as lovers, which to be honest is a pretty good representation of how we feel about each other. Sometimes we talk about how we like each others hair length and colour and shine. We have good hair.

I love Francesca’s super family. I love that I now have a family over this side of the world who send me birthday cards and give me pink lipsticks, fix my decaying teeth and support every move we make together.

Francesca is fucking funny. Her writing is on point and when she sends me documents to read I love that they make me giggle in real life out loud ROFLMAO even. She has a magical way with words that never ceases to amaze me. She is funny in person too. She has mad hand gestures and a really cool hair flick tick. Curly hair man.

Francesca looks fab. She has a mad ability to find really ace stuff on the internet. Clothing, jewelry, food, shoes, pencil toppers. You name it she knows where to find it!
Francesca makes lots of her own clothes and has officially as of last week transformed her loathing for purple into a hilarious deep love for the guy. And I love watching this transformation.

Francesca loves to drink a negroni, which I find too harsh for my sweet tongue. I’m the gal that orders the sweetest sugar laden drink to mask the taste of any residue alcohol flavours. Not this bitch, she is as tough as a brick shit house. She will order just the one though. Not only is she economical but she is also a lightweight with booze.

Personal Space.
Francesca keeps me safe and she looks after me. She has no time for dickheads who push in front at queues, people who spread their legs on the tube and always has my back at concerts asking all the tall people in front of me to let me through. I love her looking out for me. She is like the biggest little sister I never had. I come from a long line of super short people.

Francesca loves women. I am a woman. And Francesca loves me because I am a woman. We have created a community of kick ass women that we get to hang with on the reg. Yes, we have pillow fights in our undies and talk about periods, but we also tackle big ticket shit and make plans to fix all of this through craft. Because woman who craft are powerful humans. And I love being powerful with Francesca.

Francesca knows heaps of cool stuff. She had parents that could gave her a decent education, even though she hated the school, and went to Uni and learnt lots of cool things about cool stuff that fascinates me. I love listening to Francesca try to explain Jewish customs and traditions and the history of pickles to me in a digestible manner, over and over again because my ability to absorb information is getting weaker by the day. What a trooper. Her knowledge inspires me.

I love that Francesca has time for Edith. Edith is lucky to have Francesca in her life. Francesca teaches her about women’s rights, how to tackle playground bullying, how to express herself with fancy words and attitude. She shares her food with her sometimes, she watches Ru Paul and home birth videos encourages her changes through puberty and generally is a very wonderful patient role model for her. I love this the most about Francesca.

Happy Birthday Babe x

Love Brooke x

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