There’s a lot that’s good about making things with your hands. Our freestyle weaving workshops are all about being creative, having fun and getting satisfaction from making something that is substantial and unique.

Our weaving workshops are especially rewarding for children; they get to use the same equipment as adults as well as getting to go through our stash of over 400 yarns. They will come home feeling proud, toting their very own handmade cloth.

Not only are our workshops fun and rewarding creatively, they’re good for your little ones too. Using your hands and feet and concentrating all at the same time is really good for your hand-eye coordination. Making crafts with your hands is widely used by Occupational Therapists to combat depression and anxiety; this is a mindful and creative experience that will make you feel good. Our floor looms are real textiles machinery that aren’t available for children or beginners to use anywhere else in London, it’s a wonderful gift to any young creatives. We can book four children on the loom at a time which makes this workshop a wonderful activity for small birthday groups.

Our floor looms are available to book simultaneously with our 2 hour adults freestyle weaving workshops or on their own – just select children’s freestyle weaving from the drop-down menu and add the same start times to your cart. It’s a really lovely activity to do at the same time as a parent or friend. It is often easier for children under 8 to have a bit more assistance from their guardian so please be aware of that when you book your lesson.

We consider children at our studio between the ages of 6 and 12. It’s really important to us that our looms are widely available but it is just that little bit too fiddly for children under the age of 6.

Book on our  Freestyle Weaving page now.

How old must my child be?

The youngest age we teach 6 years old. We’d love to have younger children, but the looms are too big and fiddly for them. If you bring a child younger than 6 we won’t b able to allow them to participate in the workshop or offer a refund.

We judge children in the studio as 12 and under. After that Mazel Tov! You’re an adult and your weaving hands are adult standard.

All weavers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the studio.

Will my child be able to do this?

Abolutely! So far we haven’t met a child who doesn’t love our looms, but some little ones need a little more attention when getting to grips with a new craft – if you think that might be true for your child, please be aware that there will be up to 4 weavers in the studio at the same time and so you will be responsible for helping guide your child alongside the teacher (this is specifically for the younger weavers).

Can I book a class alongside my child?

Of Course! We love having adults and kids on the loom at the same time.

Go to our Freestyle Weaving page and select a date and time, then scroll through to the kids option. Add that to the cart, then go back and book a slot for yourself.

Do you do children's parties?

We do indeedy! We have four floor looms in the studio which can be booked out at the same time and we can even put up a table for drinks and snacks! Follow the link to our private parties page and let us know what you’d like.

Book your party here!

Can children weave for longer than 2 hours?

They sure can! But, we’ve found that 2 hours is quite long enough for most children and we promise, in that time they’ll come home with a decent sized piece of weaving that your child will be very proud of.

If at the end of the booking your child would like to weave for longer, we charge £12 per extra half hour, subject to availability.

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