Our craft workshops are really awesome for all sorts of parties.

I mean who wouldn’t want a Frida Kahlo headdress hen party or a tapestry weaving birthday bash? And nothing quite breaks the ice with your colleagues like sitting side-by-side embroidering genitals.

So whether you’re team building or baby-making we will have something that will make that icing on your party cake look like a disappointing heap of congealed sugar – because after one of our parties, everything else will suck!

Have a look through our scroll down menu at what classes we have available. The prices and minimum guest requirements are listed by each craft.

All of our private party workshops last 2 hours with an extra half hour booked in either side of the workshop for your guests to settle in and then to pack up after the workshop finishes up. You will have our whole weaving studio entirely to yourselves, it’s a bright and beautiful space with great lighting that is perfect for you to make something gorgeous with your favourite people.

Have an idea for a craft party that we haven’t listed? Ask us about it! We’re super good at figuring out how to make things and then teach them so if there’s something special you’ve got in mind for your party let’s make it happen!

We can accommodate up to 25 people in our studio, if you have a bigger group we can always come to you or another location.

Available Parties

Tapestry Weaving

In this party we will show you how to set your loom with a suitable warp and teach you essential tapestry stitches. Explore and experiment with texture, colour, shape and form with our beautiful selection of yarns.

Our looms are crafted by a local joiner especially for The London Loom. The loom is yours to take at the end of the class, along with your comb and needle so you can practice your new hobby at home.

  • Adults and Children 12 +
  • £65 per head
  • Minimum of 4 guests


Always wanted a tattoo of your partner’s name but are too afraid of the commitment? Just learn to embroider and you can have ‘Ronnie 4 Devast8’ stitched into a hoop on the wall instead. Have someone tiny growing inside you or a friend? Want to embryoider a sonogram? (see what we did there?). Wanna get real close and intimate with your genitals and a skein of embroidery floss? We teach the techniques, you choose the theme.

This is a beginners class so we will teach you all the basics from a running stitch to a french knot. You are free to decide on the theme of this party workshop, so come prepared with some designs that you’d like to stitch up and we’ll get you stitching and hitching and other rhyming things in no time.

  • Adults only
  • £25 per head for 10+ guests
  • £35 per head for 6 – 9 guests

Frida Kahlo Headdress

This class is about creating your own unique Mexicana headdress. Taking inspiration from Frida’ s signature style and design, you’ll make a fun textural piece to wear in your hair. Get playful and experiment with pompoms, yarn braiding and cactus customisation.

Let’s play some hot Latina tunes and crack the tequila out! Draw on your darkest unibrow and practice your communist manifesto with your secret Russian lover, or just come on down to The London Loom and get your Frida craft on.

This class includes all materials to make your own Frida headdress.

  • Adults and Children 12 +
  • £25 per head for 10+ guests
  • £35 per head for 6 – 9  guests


Pom pom party

Look, all I really ought to say here is pom poms. It’s undeniable, pom poms are a dream. Make them multicoloured, plain, make it look like a planet – whatevs people they’re just F U N. This workshop is really relaxed, it’s a perfect choice for a mixed age or mixed ability group, it’s pretty hard to get these thangs looking anything but awesome. Headdresses! Genitals! (although this one is adults only). Let us know what you want, it’s your party.

This workshop lasts for two hours and will give you enough time to make a garland big enough to drape over the mantelpiece or sculpt whoever or whatever out of pompoms – or just make loads of pompoms!

  • Adults and Children 12 +
  • £25 per head for 10+ guests
  • £35 per head for 6 – 9 guests

Giant Loom

This workshop is very special to The London Loom as it’s a workshop we have mostly done for community and charity mixed ability groups. In this workshop you’ll work together on one big loom to create a giant tapestry as a group. These always look beautiful and can be a wonderful addition to a work space or a wall at home.

This can also be amazing as a hen party as the bride will get to keep the tapestry as a memento and we can put it together in any colour you prefer – we can even use tie-dyed yarns or neon ribbons (which is our personal preference obviously). It’s also a lovely thing to create with friends to hang in a new baby’s room.

This is also really great for kids parties as kids of any age can join in.

We’ve taught this workshop in parks, museums, cafes and other public spaces so we can really suit it to whoever you want to weave with.

  • Can be booked for a community event – we can bring the loom to you (this is an extra £50 for travel)
  • Great mixed ability craft
  • £450 for 1 loom including all materials
  • £650 for 2 looms including all materials


Sashiko in Japanese literally means little stabs, so it might be our new rap name. We’re hip right? It’s a decorative stitching technique from Japan (our favourite place after our studio and New Zealand), it was originally invented to reinforce wear and tear in clothing but the stitches – which are usually indigo, white and red – have such a distinctive and gorgeous look that it is now mostly used to decorate.

In this workshop you’ll make a cushion or pouch with a traditional Sashiko design.

  • Adults and Children 12 +
  • £25 per head for 10+ guests
  • £35 per head for 6 – 9 guests

Perspex and Pom Pom Earrings

Perspex and pom poms and earrings OH MY! Oh for the love of jewellery book yourself and all your mates and colleagues a perspex and pom pom earring party. We have these perspex beads made specifically for this class because it looks so cool that we can’t stop ourselves and neither should you! Make good use of all the coloured yarns and make something really cool for those earholes of yours.

Don’t have pierced ears? We’ll sort you out…with a piercing gun. Only kidding you can use clips ons instead, or make a keyring!

  • Adults and Children 12 +
  • £25 per head for 10+ guests
  • £35 per head for 6 – 9 guests

Inspirational Women Badges

Hey Ladies! I can’t hear y’all! Hey Ladies! Big noise! That’s how it goes right? Although I think that song is derogatory in some way so maybe I shouldn’t sing it for this particular private party.

Let’s talk inspirational women shall we? Yes. Rosa Parks? Heck to the hell yeah. Frida Kahlo? I mean, obvi. Michelle Obama?! Let’s do this! Barbra Streisand? I mean, how long was I really going to wait to bring her up? YOURSELF? Your Mum! All these people are glorious right? And we wanted to make a sweet old celebratory night to sit back, knock back a Tequila and make some sweet felt badges of our favourite ladies to wear with pride.

This class is for beginners, we’ll have beads and felt and embroidery floss and a heck load of other yarns you can use to embellish your new accessory. In the two hour class you’ll finish one badge and hopefully learn about some women who totally rock.

  • Adults and Children 12 +
  • £25 per head for 10+ guests
  • £35 per head for 6 – 9 guests


How would you like your party?

We like ours with a side of hummus.

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Freestyle Weaving

2 Hours – £45
5 Hours – £100
Children (2 hours) - £35

Learn to weave on a simple two pedal floor loom. This style of weaving really allows you to zone out and create unique fabric with our huge selection of beautiful yarns.

ages 6+

Children’s Weaving

2 hours - £35

Children love using our floor looms and we don't blame them, it's as good for them as it is fun.

Mindful and fun
Children from 6 years

Tapestry Weaving

2 Hours - £65

Learn how to set up and weave on a frame loom. You'll learn the essential tapestry stitches so you can explore and experiment with texture, colour shape and form.

one evening class a month
one morning class a month
Loom is yours to keep

Weave a scarf from warp to weft

8 hours - £200

So we got you hooked on weaving and now you want to make something even more unique? Thought so. Let's scarf this!

8 hours to Make a scarf
Pick a day that suits you

Tapestry Club

2.5 Hours - £15

You got the basics down, now you just want to weave in an inspirational environment?

We heard ya! We feel ya! Here ya go!

Once a month
Morning and Evening classes

Sashiko Stitching

2 hours - £25

Stab stitching in the most beautiful Japanese way

30th May - £25
25th July - £25

Vagestic Mandala Embroidery

5 hours - £120

Jess De Wahls, the Vagina Museum and The London Loom bring you...Vagestic Mandala Embroidery!

Mindful and fun
Support the Vagina Museum!

Knit Night with Pom Pom Quarterly!


We're hosting a night of knitting, chewing the yarn fat and drinking with your best craft mates with Pom Pom Quarterly to celebrate their summer issue!

One marvellous night of knit chat
Pom Pom issue 25 sneak peak!

The Elizabeth Pawle Exhibition


Elizabeth Pawle has designed an exclusive collection of embroideries and wall hangings just for this exhibition - but also, she's coming to party!

Meet Elizabeth Pawle!
Exclusive embroideries for sale

Elizabeth Pawle Returns

2 hours - £75 SOLD OUT

Elizabeth Pawle is one of the most talented textile artists this side of Instagram and we've only gone and got her back in the studio!

Taught by Elizabeth Pawle

Freestyle Embroidery at the Royal Society of Sculptors

2.5 hours - £35

We've teamed up with the Royal Society of Sculptors to bring you our very first freestyle embroidery workshop! We CANNOT WAIT. 

Freestyle Embroidery
At the Royal Society of Sculptors in Kensington

Spin This! Learn to spin your own yarn

2.5 hours - £55

Who loves yarn? Everyone, right? So who wouldn't want to learn to spin their own? Nobody. Well come on then!

5th June
18th September
Learn to spin and ply your own yarn!

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