The Best Earrings

£35 per person 8 guest minimum
£5 extra per person if you want us to come to you

Perspex, tassel and pom poms and earrings OH MY!

Perfect for all the parties!
For everybody 12+

Tapestry Weaving

£65 per person
Minimum 4 guests
£5 extra per person if you want us to come to you

Learn to weave with us!

For everybody 12+
Perfect for corporate events

Pom Pom Party

£35 per person 8 guest minimum
£5 extra per person if you want us to come to you

Look, all I really ought to say here is pom poms!

Perfect for non-crafters
Great for children

Inspirational Women Badges

£35 per person 8 person minimum
£5 extra per person if you want us to come to you

Let's make some sweet felt badges of our favourite ladies to wear with pride.

For everybody 12+
Perfect for corporate events

Embroidery – You choose the theme!

£35 per person 8 guest minimum
£5 extra per person if you want us to come to you!

You choose the theme of your party and we will teach you all the techniques!

Adults Only
Perfect for Hen do's!

Frida on your head

£35 per person 8 guest minimum
£5 extra per person if you want us to come to you

Come on down to The London Loom and get your Frida craft on.

For everybody 12+
Great for festival season

Giant Loom

£300 for a giant loom
£450 for 2 giant looms
£50 extra if you want us to come to you

These always look beautiful and can be a wonderful addition to a work space or a wall at home.

Perfect for community events
Great for mixed abilities

Can you bring the party to us?

Yes of course! We can travel within Greater London at our offsite price. Further locations charges will be considered based on the distance and cost of travel.

If it’s Mars, you’re providing the rocket.

Can I bring a cake?

Only if you share! You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks for your party guests to enjoy while you do your craft. The yummier the better please! Francesca is big into salt & vinegar anything and Brooke loves a glass of prosecco so make sure to bring extra for us – we’ll be better at teaching, swears.

Please remember that your craft is designed to last the full two hours that you have in the studio and so you won’t have time to eat a full plate of food while you are here.

The London Loom is predominantly a textiles studio, please consider this when shopping for any snacks and drinks you hope to bring with you. We don’t allow any hot food in the studio, please do not bring foods that could potentially damage our materials (ice cream for example).

It is the guests’ responsibility to clean up any food or drinks at the end of the party so please take those with you when you leave. We do not provide cups, plates, cutlery, cake knives or napkins, please provide your own.

Please note that we do have toilets onsite in Hackney Downs Studios but there is no running water in The London Loom studio. Please bring water with you and if you’d like to bring ice, please bring a plastic bucket or bowl to keep it in.

What about decorations?

Only if they are pink please! You are welcome to bring any decorations with you to the studio that will not damage our walls, furniture and equipment. Please remember that the studio is yours for two hours only and that we start your workshop promptly.

Phalluses are a requirement for our hen parties – no penis, no party.

When should we arrive?

We reward good time management! You have The London Loom studio all to yourselves for 2 full (glorious) hours. We understand that it takes a few minutes to settle down (especially for a big group) but please don’t arrive more than 10 minutes before your party workshop as we may be with other customers.

If you are running late, unfortunately, we will still have to finish your workshop at the time agreed upon when booking.

Can I park my car?

It’s probably best to use public transport. Sorry! Annoyingly, there is no parking available at Hackney Downs Studios where we are. There is one disabled parking space onsite – if you would like to book it out please email with the time and date that you’re coming for your workshop and who you are visiting (The London Loom).

A lot of our customers use websites which allow you to rent a parking space from a local resident – there are lots of these sites if you search online. X

What do you provide?

Our clean and beautiful private studio of course! You will have the space all to yourself and believe us, it’s bigger and sexier than any other craft studio in London.

We provide all instruction, materials and equipment for your chosen craft. We do not supply any food, drinks or decorations. Check out the other FAQ’s.

We run workshops and private parties throughout the day – especially on weekends, please expect to bring all of your party provisions with you when you arrive, we cannot guarantee that we can hold on to them for you until you get here.

Press enter or esc to cancel