Oh hi party people. It’s Thursday right now. That’s right THURSDAY. Thorsday! And I love Thor, love him. My best mate’s dad is called Thorkild – I mean, could that be any cooler? My dad’s name is Paul and even though I reckon that’s pretty cool, having a dad who’s actual name belongs to an actual superhero/mythical god is like well wicked – and probs why my mate didn’t get bullied to hell like I did even though we’re basically the same. Although she’s blonde – I reckon that works against bullies too.

Anywhoodle peeps what I’m really here to chat about is making some things from scratch. One of the reasons I started this here weaving studio was because I was looking for a place to weave amazing colourful cloth that I couldn’t find elsewhere to sew up and make magical garments with. So now I have my very own weaving studio I should probably like…make some colourful magical garments.

Well no biggie people! Today I did it! I used Papercut Patterns pattern (awkward grammatically this sentence but whatevs) the Kochi Kimono! It’s super simple to make (only 8 pieces) and went together really nicely. There was even a stressful moment where I had to rethread the overlocker because I like, ran out of thread but hey guess what! It’s super easy to rethread an overlocker! Why was I so afraid? All the customers were super impressed with me too so that’s always a bonus.

Anyway soon…soon there should be an option for you fine people to enjoy making your own garments from scratch in the studio too…in fact feel free to email me at francesca@thelondonloom.com if you’d like to chat about any projects you have in mind and let’s get this party started!

TLL x x x

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