Francesca and I bang on all the time about how amazing wool is. Ask us about our yarn wall and we will chew your ears off about the glorious fibers and textures of wools we have. We get quite passionate about it and sometimes I have to tell myself to calm my farm as I literally stomp my feet at the nonsense trickery of the world. Having the wool pulled over our eyes so to speak.

Recently we became ambassadors of the good stuff being headed by The Campaign For Wool. The Prince of Wales is all over this so you know we are in good company. And I think it means we get invited to Christmas lunch and all the weddings from here on in.

Let me share with you my top 6 reasons why you should all be singing the praises of this stuff from the highlands!

  1. 100% Pure.
    New Zealand uses this catch phrase too and its kinda correct but also there is always dodgy stuff below the surface. Anyhoo, wool is 100% natural, 100% renewable, 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable. So if you love this planet wear the wool baby!
  2. Its warm.
    Warm like a snuggle from ya nan after a big bowl of Pasta. It’s warm and cool! What? It can adapt to your body depending on what your body needs. Amazing. So stop knitting those rubbish acrylic blankets for the babies of your life and start using the good stuff. Please. Acrylic is just plastic. I promise. And its its gross.
  3. Its flame retardant.
    Yes really. That is why all the synthetic pjs you wear have warning tags about getting too close to open flames. Which I tell ya, growing up sitting next to an open fire with a polyester nightie was like playing chicken with popping coals. Not my problem now though, Birthday suits all the way.
  4. Its strong.
    Just like superwoman. Its extremely hard wearing so is perfect for rugs and carpets. Army uniforms were made of the stuff, so you know its quality. I cannot confirm today if that is the case, but if its anything like the school uniforms we are in trouble.
  5. Science. It has been scientifically proven that sleeping with a wool bed covering will give you a better nights rest. It will create a comfortable climate for you to enjoy a deeper sleep with the best dreams. Get into bed already!
  6. Sheep. Dudes! The best animal on the planet. They graze peacefully, they grow incredible wool, we shear the wool and we make beautiful things with it. Then we do it all over again. Its sustainable and sensible.Sensible Sally says Wool 4 Lyfe.



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