We’re always trying to push our customers to just go with the flow – choose the colours and tones and combinations that suit them! Isn’t it crazy that we have certain preferences for tones and shades? That we can ascribe so much personality to one colour? We call purple Sue, we call blue Linda – but what about neon pink? That one is probs Brooke and Chez, who are we kidding?

Colour theory is fascinating, the history of colour, the history of why we use certain colours for certain things. That purples and reds were difficult to create in some countries and so the aristocracy wore them. That blue used to come from a precious stone. Colour means so much to us, and what about people who are colourblind! And is colour really any less important to them?

One thing we always find funny in the studio is that people find grey, black, cream and neutrals to be safe, to “go” with their house and their colour choices at home. But, who cares? I know that I often choose pink but that’s just because I love it and it makes me so happy, I don’t think I’d ever not buy a painting for a room because it didn’t match my couch. If I owned a couch…anyone want to buy me a couch? I don’t care what colour it is as long as it’s bright and good for sitting. We find ourselves constantly telling customers to just pick the first thing they like, not to worry about matching or what that colour might say about you. We always say “you’ll love it because you enjoyed making it” and I think that is the ultimate truth, when you’ve really loved the process the object will mean so much more to you than what it “goes with” it’ll remind you of that day you spent with us, in the studio, absorbed in colour and texture and peace of mind.

I think it’s a real 90s Changing Rooms attitude to colour to match everything together but why bother when the process of conforming even your colour choices is less fun then just picking colours that make you smile. Also there are so many shades of yellow, don’t drive yourself nuts trying to find the exact mustard of that one cushion in your bedroom.

It’s also funny that colours can be so on trend. It was millennial pink, then lavender and now espresso brown is making waves – yeah great, welcome all. It’s nice that brown is making a come back, people are mean about it – we’re mean about it, we never want to use brown but actually if you throw it in with some fluro pink and some mossy green it’s SO good.

What colours do you guys love to use?

Peace and colour TLL x x x

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