Every day when we go to work we’re all “let’s chat the week ahead”, “what’s this receipt for?”, “what Chanukah crafts should we do?” and that’s pretty exhilarating considering two years ago I was like “I feel like I should have a job but…”. I know we did a really good job starting this thing up, I know we’re doing an even better job of keeping it going, but when people say it’s great or cool or seem impressed I CAN’T COPE.

It’s really cool that we’re where we’re at but I’ll tell you a secret – when people ask us about it I still go red in the face and make a joke. Family friends and customers are always telling us to keep going and that they’re impressed by us and I just can’t deal, I just go red and make a self deprecating joke – sometimes about masturbating – which leaves people more embarrassed than me and sometimes, like, not laughing.

Brooke is much better at taking the praise than me, which is very helpful. She’ll be all “thank you kindly!” when I’m still stumbling over my “tthhhankkkksss?” five minutes after the compliment. Maybe it’s genetic – lots of things are! (learn all about it at our Weave Your Genes workshop! – what a bloody plug).

The thing I find most stressful is when people ask vague or broad questions like “how’s it going” or “how’s the looming” (which is also just the wrong verb! Do I correct them first and say “actually it’s weaving but thanks for asking”?). What do you say to these questions? I guess “yeah it’s great thanks” what I usually do is go “yeah it’s going really well” and then as quickly as possible change the subject “and how’s your child/spouse/lizard doing?” Haha kind inquisitor you don’t want to talk about yourself either do you?!

In hindsight and reading this blog post back, I think this might be more of a – I don’t like small talk – kind of problem than anything else – I’m no Kel Knight afterall.

Anyway, this was a really long and Francescaesque way of announcing that we’ve been shortlisted for an Arts Kickers award! We’re nominated for the Startist award (creative start up) which we are REALLY excited about – just, like, don’t ask me about it, OK!


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