Some people call us multitalented because we knit, weave, crochet, sew, write and business. I call us borderline schizophrenics. Also like, I’m pretty sure I have ADHD. Also I’m a hypochondriac.

But crafts and creativity are cyclical right? There is definitely a time in the day, the month, the year where you feel like going at one craft and not the other. I guess this makes a lot of sense with knitting and sewing in particular – I love a bit of winter knitting, sprawling jumper growing over my knees – or summer sewing, oh holy crap it’s hot, let’s make another sundress (this summer’s heatwave was particularly good for that). But is it hormonal and intellectual as well?

I class my writing as up there with my textile crafts and I tell you, I haven’t felt like writing in ages. Sometimes I can want to do it but it’s intimidating, which is crazy in a way, I’m less terrified to cut into an expensive piece of vintage cotton than to just sit at my desk and start typing up a story I’ve held in my brain for at least twelve and a half menstrual cycles. I suppose that’s the difference between cerebral creativity and hands-on creativity.

Sometimes there’s just a small block, a small something that won’t let you get on with it. I wonder what it is and where it comes from, I imagine fear, fear of failure, fear of humiliation right? How do we overcome this? I’m no expert weaver, but I knew, wholeheartedly that I could teach it, could make this business work, but my years of practicing writing and there’s still a block.

Do you guys have this? I would love to hear your tips and tricks of getting stuck in. I’m hoping that with this winter season I can get my hot chocolate out, get my weaving head on my shoulders and apply it to some writing.

TLL x x x

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