This post is kinda all about our favourite wool dyer – HELEN.

There ain’t nothing like wool. That’s the truth people. Sometimes however, it’s tricky to find wool in the exact shade you want. That’s why we have HELEN! Helen runs a wool dyeing business called The Wool Kitchen. We’ve mentioned her before and we’ll mention her again and again…and again…and…again because she’s ACE. Also she teaches workshops at The London Loom – did you know about it? Why not? Well we have one on the 16th December so like, probs come to it?

There’s something so special about dyeing your own yarn, colours you want for a project that’s all your own. We love neon like you don’t even know and Helen has all the neon dyes at her workshop which keep us on our toes and going nuts for colour.

Check out this little sneaky gallery of our last dye day and just try not to buy a ticket for our next workshop in December.


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