Francesca here! Last week I was asked to speak on a panel with a host of brilliant women at the first ever FGRLS Club event – Unwrap Yourself. It was a joy, honestly, I almost wept. The room was full of such lovely, kind, creative and smart women, all wanting to share and chat, to learn and relate to other wonderful women. It was great.

The members each took their turn talking about their journey to sexual acceptance and positivity and it was amazing – to hear stories from so many perspectives and backgrounds, to hear how each woman had ended up on that panel. I talked about my journey since learning that I inherited the BRCA2 gene mutation that means that my risks of getting breast and ovarian cancer are way higher than the rest of the population. I talked about navigating your body after a discovery like that – are your breasts what make you feminine or female? What will it mean for my sex life if I chose to have my breasts and ovaries removed? When should I have children? It’s constantly on my mind and it was amazing to share with a room full of interested women. It was also amazing to chat about sex education in schools and first sexual memories. I could go on and on – it was just that lovely.

At the end of the talk there was life drawing and some really funny readings about sexual exploits. I set up a stall with The London Loom Membroidery Kits and talked about our yearly Valentines Membroidery night, which you should probably all come to.

Oh and the best thing was that at the end of the panel a couple came and told me that I was hilarious and that I should have been in Girls. Lena Dunham watch out, my dreams just came true.


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