Oh hey people! Nice to meet you, Kia Ora, Shalom and all that good stuff.

We love to make things with our hands and we know that there are loads of other finger twitching cretins out there just like us. Somewhere colourful and bright, not twee and not disposable. A place with good equipment and quality materials. Most of all we wanted to meet everyone¬†who wants what we want and to form a community of our own. So here we are – The London Loom. We are essentially a weaving studio but we have so much more we’d like to share with you, if you’ll let us.

Francesca Kletz

franWhile visiting her sister Zara in Japan, Francesca discovered a small community weaving studio in Kichijoji; she took one afternoon beginners class and fell in love with the freedom and calm of the Japanese freestyle weaving process. Without anywhere to practice in London, Francesca trained to teach at a Japanese weaving studio in New York and decided to come home and open The London Loom – a London based freestyle weaving studio.

Before directing her attention to weaving, Francesca taught children and teenagers with Special Educational Needs and freelanced for various art and culture publications. Francesca has been teaching tapestry weaving and other textile crafts since 2015.

Brooke Dennis

brookeBrooke closed her small sewing studio in New Zealand in 2013 to move to London with her husband and two children. In London Brooke discovered the art of weaving and bought her first loom. In contrast to her professional work constructing garments, Brooke found that she loved the gentle and tactile practice of making cloth on a freestyle loom; flowing with her intuition rather than following measurements and patterns.

Originally qualified in Fashion Design from the Design and Arts college of New Zealand, Brooke has been teaching various textile crafts to children and adults since she landed in the UK.

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