School’s out for…various holidays! Yay! See ya later classroom! Hello The London Loom studio! We’ve arranged some special kids only classes for your younger family members and friends to get their creative hands and brain cells twitching and learn some new skills. Have a look below at the class descriptions for a workshop that suits you.

Our freestyle weaving classes are also running all throughout the school holidays so if you want a go on one of our floor looms check out our freestyle weaving classes.

All classes are 2 hours long and are 6 + unless stated otherwise in the workshop description.

Class Details

Tapestry Weaving - 30th May - £45

Learn to make a handwoven tapestry from start to finish. In this two hour workshop you’ll learn to dress and prepare a 20x30cm frame loom (our looms are made by Herbert our local carpenter). We’ll teach you some basic tapestry stitches so that you can go to town on our yarn wall and make some woven wall art that’s as fancy as you are.

This children’s class might be a bit fiddly for some little humans so it’s 8+.

This class includes all materials and equipment that are yours to keep at the end of the class.

Braiding Poi Making - 31st May - £30

What the heck son is poi! The London Loom’s very own Kiwi co-director Brooke will show you! Poi is both the equipment and the performance art of swinging a tethered weight to make beautiful patterns in the air. These beauties also happen to have a big old gorgeous tassel and braid and we’ll show you how to make the whole sodding thing. This Maori tradition will get you dancing and swinging like no other craft class has before. If you’re good you might even learn some Maori. So kia ora and all that jazz, let’s get poi-Ed.

This class includes all of the equipment and materials to make your own poi (and some great kiwi tunes to get you going)

Introduction to Embroidery - 1st June - £25

Embroidery is the best customising skill you can give your creative kids. Our children’s embroidery classes are totally freestyle, so after they’ve learnt a few awesome techniques they’re free to do as they please. We can help them design a motif they want to work on – or it they just want stitches and random colour all over the place, that’s great too, we’ll make sure there are enough colours on hand for them to unleash their wild selves.

This class includes all the materials and equipment to make a start on your very own embroidered masterpiece.

Ojo de Dios - 2nd June - £20

The Ojo de Dios (or God’s Eye) is a magical object and cultural symbol for the Huichol and Tepehuan Indians of western Mexico – it’s also really ace looking and fun to make. Let’s try and conjure some Central American magic together and go crazy picking colours from our yarn wall while we’re at it!
This class includes all the equipment your small human will need to make a beautiful Ojo de Dios.

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Tapestry Weaving - 30th May - £45
Braiding Poi Making - 31st May - £30
Introduction to Embroidery - 1st June - £25
Ojo de Dios - 2nd June - £20
Oh boy are we excited about the school holidays! Which workshop are you going to pick? One of them? ALL OF THEM? Good idea.


Freestyle Weaving

2 Hours – £45
5 Hours – £100
Children (2 hours) - £35

Learn to weave on a simple two pedal floor loom. This style of weaving really allows you to zone out and create unique fabric with our huge selection of beautiful yarns.

ages 6+

Tapestry Weaving

2 Hours - £55

Learn how to set up and weave on a frame loom. You'll learn the essential tapestry stitches so you can explore and experiment with texture, colour shape and form.

group class
great gift idea

Next Level Tapestry Weaving

2 Hours - £15

You got the basics down, now you just want to weave in an inspirational environment?

We heard ya! We feel ya! Here ya go!

group class

Late Nights!

Various lengths and prices

Welcome to Late Nights at The London Loom! Check out our upcoming classes - Embroider Your Member, Arm Knitting with fatso yarn and Calligraphy.

Great with mates
Group fun

From Warp to Weft

8 hours - £200

So we got you hooked on weaving and now you want to make something even more unique? Thought so. Let's get you measuring warp and threading up the loom like a pro.

8 hours
Fabric from Scratch

Elizabeth Pawle comes to The London Loom

2.5 hours - £75

Elizabeth Pawle is visiting London and will host a very special class at The London Loom.

One more workshop added! Get in quick!

Elizabeth Pawle

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