So you’ve been to our beginners tapestry class and you loved it. We don’t blame you, it was fun, wasn’t it? Who said weaving to Dr Dre was going to be distracting? No one, and if they did, they were lying.

After the class you guys were all ‘we want more!’ and we were all ‘what?’ and you were all ‘MORE!’. So that’s what we’ve gone and done. Come back for a follow-up workshop with your tapestry loom, needle and comb (we’ll totally let you use our scissors again) and we’ll show you how to finish off your work like a pro, how to attach your work to dowel using our special stitch and how to design your work from an original idea to a 3D woven masterpiece.

Or simply, come along with your unfinished work and use everything in the studio to get your tapestry to the next level.

You are welcome to email us some pictures of woven work you’ve seen that you’d like to work from so that we can ensure you will learn those specific techniques.




Tapestry Weaving FAQs

What should I bring?

Your WIP! That’s knitting lingo for ‘work in progress’. Bring your loom, comb and needle and use all the materials we have in the studio to complete your weaving with some wonderful company. Weave fast enough and you can use everything here to start again!

What if I'm late?

Rats. This is a group class so we have probably started without you. You are more than welcome to join the rest of the session.

Is this also a BYOB class?

Oh yes it is! Bring along a couple of brewskies and have a natter with us and make a new friend while we weave and drink the night away.

Book now

2 Hours - £15

Come back for a follow-up workshop with your tapestry loom, needle and comb and work on your tapestry, finish it off and even start a new one!



Freestyle Weaving

2 Hours – £45
5 Hours – £100
Children (2 hours) - £35

Learn to weave on a simple two pedal floor loom. This style of weaving really allows you to zone out and create unique fabric with our huge selection of beautiful yarns.

ages 6+

Tapestry Weaving

2 Hours - £55

Learn how to set up and weave on a frame loom. You'll learn the essential tapestry stitches so you can explore and experiment with texture, colour shape and form.

group class
great gift idea

Late Nights!

Various lengths and prices

Welcome to Late Nights at The London Loom! Check out our upcoming classes - Embroider Your Member, Arm Knitting with fatso yarn and Calligraphy.

Great with mates
Group fun

From Warp to Weft

8 hours - £200

So we got you hooked on weaving and now you want to make something even more unique? Thought so. Let's get you measuring warp and threading up the loom like a pro.

8 hours
Fabric from Scratch

Elizabeth Pawle comes to The London Loom

2.5 hours - £75

Elizabeth Pawle is visiting London and will host a very special class at The London Loom.

One more workshop added! Get in quick!

Elizabeth Pawle

Book a party!

Put on a private party for you and your favourite people. Kid's parties? Yes siree. Hen parties? Why the heck not. Celebrating life? You betcha! Contact us with your ideas, we've totally got this.

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