Hello! Did you know that July is the month of Frida Kahlo’s birthday? Cos it is. I’m kind of ‘against’ birthday months but also like, fine whatever have a whole month. So feliz cumpleaños Frida! We decided that because we love the great surrealist feminist painterly icon and because we love tequila we would get together with Art Macabre and host a Frida Kahlo birthday party!

A night of mariachi music (courtesy of spotify – thanks so much monthly subscription), tequila, unibrows, communist manifestos and of course…crafts! This is a full on let’s make stuff party, we will have all the materials available and some handy skills to share for you to make a headband in the style of the great woman herself.

We’re calling this morte courture because Nikki over at Art Macabre made it up and we think she’s a genius. A proper one. She even uses our tapestry combs sometimes to comb her cat, it doesn’t get much smarter than that.

Bring all your mates because why? Because Frida, Tequila and yarn. Get on it chicas and chicos, I’m pretty sure that’s Spanish but what do I know? I failed Hebrew school and never picked up a language text again.



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