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Our weaving classes are good for the soul - like chicken soup, but with yarn.

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Our weaving practice is all about self expression and peace of mind. At The London Loom we want you to play with colour and texture in your weaving to create fabric that truly reflects your unique self. It's basically therapy, but better, because of all the yarn (did we mention the yarn?).

A few hours on one of our looms is calming, tactile and seriously satisfying. It's also relatively quick, in five hours on one of our floor looms you could make two metres of substantial woven cloth (we also have handheld looms if you'd rather not use your feet).

Our classes are perfect for anyone of any age across all abilities.

- Come with an open mind and let the colours choose you (switch off and pick what takes your fancy rather than what you've planned).

- We want to teach you to make cloth that is useable. It is important for us that you learn to do something new with your hands that will give you a substantial final result.

- We're creating a community of weavers. Be inspired by the children, drag queens and Martians creating next to you. Everyone has something unique and inspiring to bring to the table.

- Have fun and chill out. This is a busy city, give yourself a bit of mindful fun, colour and creativity in your day.

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