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Our weaving classes are good for the soul - like chicken soup, but with yarn.

Start weaving

London's first drop-in weaving studio.

We teach weaving workshops to anyone who's willing and excited about textiles. From your 6-year-old nephew to your 95-year-old Nan, we have a class that will suit you.

With our bright and simple teaching approach and over 400 yarns in the studio at your disposal, it's all about making unique, handmade cloth that is exactly to your taste.

Any age, any ability, any taste, make what you want for Barbra's sake!


Freestyle Weaving

2 Hours – £45
5 Hours – £100
Children (2 hours) - £35

Learn to weave on a simple two pedal floor loom. This style of weaving really allows you to zone out and create unique fabric with our huge selection of beautiful yarns.

ages 6+

Tapestry Weaving

2 Hours - £55

Learn how to set up and weave on a frame loom. You'll learn the essential tapestry stitches so you can explore and experiment with texture, colour shape and form.

group class
great gift idea

From Warp to Weft

8 hours - £200

So we got you hooked on weaving and now you want to make something even more unique? Thought so. Let's get you measuring warp and threading up the loom like a pro.

8 hours
Fabric from Scratch

School Holidays

Tapestry Weaving - 30th May - £45
Braiding Poi Making - 31st May - £30
Introduction to Embroidery - 1st June - £25
Ojo de Dios - 2nd June - £20

Hey smaller humans! You want in on The London Loom action too? Great news, we've got a whole host of ace workshops for you over the school holidays.

Various Lessions
Holiday Fun

Late Nights!

2 Hours - £35

Welcome to Late Nights at The London Loom! This is our series of adult only craft nights. Check out what we've got in-store for you beauties.

Great with mates
Group fun
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